How does Boggstown Presbyterian Church minister to its members and the community? We provide Sunday School for children, Youth Group for Middle/High School, Bible Study for adult learning, and have three active groups that host fun events: Women's [Senior Adult] group, JOY, and PIG groups.  Our outreach efforts support organizations/non-profits, and the farm community, like members who are not physically able to attend church, nursing homes, and shelters. We are always movin' and shakin' here, come join us, there is sure to be something you'll love! 


“I was raised in this church and now am raising my children here. I love BPC and can't imagine going anywhere else.”

Christa Weaver [Carson]
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2488 N. Sandcreek Rd.

Boggstown, Indiana 46110


T: (317) 835-2330


Women's Group

These lovely ladies keep the church running like a well-oiled machine, from organizing fellowships, outreach and events, to taking care of shut-ins. They also meet for lunch every month.